About the McAfee Agent

McAfee® Agent is the client-side component providing secure communication between McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee® ePO™) and managed products. It also serves as an updater for McAfee products.

Systems can be managed by McAfee ePO only if they have an agent installed. While running silently in the background, the McAfee Agent:

  • Installs products and their upgrades on managed systems.
  • Updates security content such as the DAT files associated with VirusScan Enterprise.
  • Enforces policies and schedules tasks on managed systems.
  • Gathers information and events from managed systems, and sends them to the McAfee ePO server.

The term Agent is used in these contexts within McAfee ePO:

  • Agent — The basic operating mode for McAfee Agent, providing a communication channel to McAfee ePO and local services for other managed products.
  • SuperAgent — A SuperAgent is an agent that acts as an intermediary between the McAfee ePO server and other agents in the same network broadcast segment. The SuperAgent caches information received from an McAfee ePO server, the Master Repository, or a mirrored Distributed Repository, and distributes it to the agents in its network subnet.

    It is recommended to configure a SuperAgent in every subnet when managing agents in larger networks. For more information about SuperAgents and their functionality see SuperAgents and how they work.