Troubleshoot low sandbox file scores

Use Advanced Threat Defense elements to troubleshoot unexpectedly low sandbox file scores.


Complete the following, then submit a sample after each task to check if the sandbox file score remains low.
  • Verify that you are using the latest Advanced Threat Defense version. If you are using an older version, upgrade the Advanced Threat Defense software.
  • Edit the Analyzer Profile, then select Enable Malware Internet Access.
  • Verify that you are using the correct operating system.

    For example, you must use a 32-bit operating system to submit a 32-bit sample, and a 64-bit operating system to submit a 64-bit sample.

  • Verify that Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, and Java are installed on the virtual machine.

    For example, when you submit a Microsoft Office document, you must have Microsoft Office installed.

  • Select AnalysisManual UploadUser Interactive Mode, configure the remaining options, then click Submit.
  • Submit the sample to McAfee.