Monitor the status of malware analysis

The Analysis Status page provides status of your submitted files till the analysis is complete.

Once the analysis is complete, the analysis details can be found on the Analysis Reports page.


  1. Log on to the Advanced Threat Defense web interface.
  2. Click AnalysisAnalysis Status.
  3. From the drop-down lists, configure the view and refresh criteria.
    • The default refresh interval is 1 minute.
    • By default, results from the last 24 hours are displayed. You can specify this criteria based on time or number. For example, you can select to view the status for files submitted in the last 5 minutes or for the last 100 samples.
    • To refresh the Analysis Status page now, click .
  4. Enter your filter criteria, then click Search.

    Suppose that you have selected File Name and Status as the criteria, selected Case Sensitive, and specified Com. All the records in the completed state and file names starting with the characters Com are listed.

  5. Hide the columns that you do not require.
    1. Move the mouse over the right corner of a column heading and click the drop-down arrow.
    2. Select Columns.
    3. Select only the required column names from the list.
      Note: You can click a column heading and drag it to the required position.
  6. To sort the records based on a particular column name, click the column heading.
    You can sort the records in the ascending or descending order. Alternatively, move the mouse over the right corner of a column heading and click the drop-down arrow. Then select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending. By default, the records are sorted in descending order based on the Submitted Time column.
  7. To cancel analysis of multiple pending files, select the files using the checkbox and click Cancel Selected.
  8. To cancel analysis all pending files, click Cancel All Pending.
    Note: Cancel Selected and Cancel All Pending are applicable only for the files in Pending state and not in Analyzing state.
  9. Click