This section describes the precautions to be considered during Advanced Threat Defense migration. Ensure that you adhere to these precautions to avoid migration failures.

  • While using migration package, ensure that no USB storage device with a valid Advanced Threat Defense installer is connected to the Advanced Threat Defense Appliance. During pre-migration checks, if such a USB device is detected, you will be prompted to remove it, and the migration will not proceed.
  • The migration requires several sanity checks with additional steps, such as system backup, OS installation, and restoration. We recommend that you perform the migration during downtime.
    Warning: Ensure that Advanced Threat Defense does not receive files for analysis during migration, through manual or point product submissions. During migration, analysis and submissions could fail or timeout.
  • During the migration process, do not address any prompts. The migration package is equipped to automatically address these prompts.
  • Avoid force reboot of the system when the migration is in progress.