Migrate to Advanced Threat Defense 4.6.0

You can directly migrate to Advanced Threat Defense 4.6.0 using the migration package.


  1. Download the migration package from the download site and upload it through SFTP using atdadmin account to your Advanced Threat Defense appliance.
  2. Log on to your Advanced Threat Defense console, then navigate to ManageImage & SoftwareSoftware.
  3. In System Software, select the migration package from the drop-down list, then click Install.
    Tip: You need not select Reset Database, as this option is ignored during the migration process.

    Monitor the migration progress and pre-check status from your Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) or Advanced Threat Defense Serial Port.


Your migration has now begun.
  • The migration process begins with pre-checks. The time required to complete the pre-checks depends on your disk space and the number of records in your database.
  • After the pre-checks are complete, the appliance reboots. The appliance reboots thrice during the entire course of the migration.
  • Then, your data and configurations are backed up followed by the installation of the:
    • Operating system
    • Advanced Threat Defense 4.6.0 software
  • After the migration is complete, you will see the logon screen.
    • Use your existing user name and password to log on to Advanced Threat Defense.
    • Verify the software version and VM creation status.
    Note: You need to apply language pack after migration.