Configuring Email Connector

Email Connector protects you from email borne threats by analyzing email attachments through Advanced Threat Defense.

  • Email Connector is not installed with Advanced Threat Defense. For more information on installing Email Connector, see McAfee Advanced Threat Defense Installation Guide.
  • If you have configured a cluster, ensure that you install Email connector in your primary as well as the backup nodes.
  • Ensure that you have reset your cliadmin password. If you continue using the default password, the configurations might fail.
Advanced Threat Defense receives emails from a secure email gateway, performs an analysis on the email attachments, adds a verdict in the email header and sends it back to the email server.

You need to configure your email gateway to send emails to the Advanced Threat Defense for analysis. You can add filters such as send the ones with attachment only and so on. We recommend you configure your SEG to send emails for analysis to Advanced Threat Defense only when your SEG's AV analysis have returned an inconclusive result.

Troubleshooting email connector

You can view the analysis report from AnalysisEmail Reports on your Advanced Threat Defense web interface. You can also view the conversation log for each email report when you click under the Log column.

Note: While you view the reports, the maximum number of reports you can navigate to are one million. If you want to view the reports beyond one million, use the search filter to reduce the result of the number of reports.