Enable RMM

Enable Intel RMM on your Advanced Threat Defense Appliance.


  1. Restart the Advanced Threat Defense Appliance.
  2. During the reboot process, press F2.
  3. On the BIOS Setup Utility page, select the Server Management tab.
  4. Select BMC LAN Configuration.
  5. Locate Intel (R) RMM4 LAN configuration and configure the settings.
    1. Highlight IP Source, press Enter, then select Static.
    2. Highlight IP Address, then enter the IP address.
    3. Highlight Subnet Mask, then enter the subnet mask address.
    4. Highlight Gateway IP, then enter the gateway IP address.
  6. Locate User configuration and configure the settings.
    1. Highlight User status, press Enter, then select Enabled.
    2. Highlight User password, press Enter, then enter the root account password.
    3. Press Enter, confirm the password, then press Enter again.
  7. Press F10, then press Enter.
  8. Log on to the RMM interface.