Log on to the Advanced Threat Defense Appliance

Use the SSH client to log on to the Advanced Threat Defense Appliance.


  1. Open an SSH client session.
  2. Enter the Advanced Threat Defense Appliance IPv4 address.
  3. Enter 2222 as the SSH port number.
  4. Enter the log on credentials.
    • User name — cliadmin
    • Password — atdadmin
    If you are logging on for the first time, you are prompted to changed the user name and password.

    You can change the CLI password by logging on to Advanced Threat Defense web interface.

    1. Go to ManageSecurityAdvanced Security SettingsPassword Control.
    2. Click Click here to reset CLI user password.

    Depending on your SSH client, the number of logon attempts differ. For example, Putty 0.54 and 0.56 allow you three log on attempts, and Putty 0.58 and Linux SSH clients allow you four attempts.