Resolved issues

The current release of the product resolves these issues. For a list of issues fixed in earlier releases, see the Release Notes for the specific release.


Reference Issue description
1223401 Upgrades kernel RPM to fix the Meltdown vulnerability. For more information about the Meltdown vulnerability, see KB90167.
1225255 Fixes an issue where admin users can access user passwords.
1222544 Fixes an issue where different keys are generated for different nodes in LB.
1222006, 1221993 Fixes code Injection through JSON.
1222005 Fixes code Injection through URL.
1222002 Fixes code Injection that removes the Advanced Threat Defense file system.
1221996 Fixes SQL Injection with JSON attributes.
1221995 Fixes SQL Injection with URL parameters.
1221801 Fixes an issue where the user privilege can be escalated using Remote Request Exploit.
1221781 Fixes JavaScript execution in JSON dashboard layout.
1221779 Fixes code Injection in URL.docx.
1221776 Fixes an issue where SQL injection is used to gain root access.
1221774 Fixes the issue where a user can access Advanced Threat Defense without authentication.


Reference Issue description
1225338, 1224977 Fixes the issue where screenshots in the analysis report are not available or aren't linked correctly after an update.
1223820 When Advanced Threat Defense's IP address or host name is given in FQDN, all Syslog messages are directed back to Advanced Threat Defense. This issue is fixed as part fo this release.
1223474 Fixes the issue where the detection package is not updated automatically for the Appliance and DXL status is DOWN (RED) on all ATDs including two Virtual ATDs.
1223050 Fixes an issue with trusted CA certificate not being uploaded or verified with 2 CRLs in sub CA.
1222566, 1225458 New Detection Package doesn't appear although the Allow Automatic Update is checked.
1222190 Fixes the SAN field in CSR.
1220923 Fixes an issue with blank System logon ManageLogs.
1220615 Fixes an issue with Advanced Threat Defense not processing samples.
1219181 Fixes an issue with upgrade from 3.8.x to 4.x where '\' is missing from the proxy configuration.
1206989 Fixes an issue with scheduled backup failing after migration to 4.0.
1225158 Fixes an issue where load balancing service crashes due to memory leak.


Reference Issue description
1226474, 1217569, 1222929, 1222877, 1224342, 1223441 Fixes issue of false positive.
1222634, 1214033 Fixes issue of false negative.
1220166 Fixes an issue where the analysis result between Windows XP and Windows 7 VMs differed.
1205057 Fixes an issue where the Sandbox VM displays traces of the VM emulator or virtualizer.


Reference Issue description
1219011 Fixes an issue where McAfee ePO OS profiling is not working with TIE in ATD for the Windows Server 2008 SP1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 VMs.