New features

The current release of the product includes these enhancements and changes.

Email Connector

The Email Connector feature protects you from email borne threats by analyzing email attachments through Advanced Threat Defense. Advanced Threat Defense receives emails from a secure email gateway, performs an analysis on the email attachments, adds a verdict in the email header and sends it back to the email server.

Integration with GTI Private Cloud

Configure Advanced Threat Defense to send queries to a GTI Private Cloud.

Deep Neural Network

Advanced Threat Defense uses machine learning through deep neural network analysis to improve its predication accuracy. The analysis report then provides a verdict and probability factor (prediction confidence) for the submitted sample.

Certifications and compliance

This release of McAfee Advanced Threat Defense is implemented to support Common Criteria and FIPS-140-2.

Detection improvements

Web Content FilteringAdvanced Threat Defense can analyze embedded URLs and URL redirection within a HTML page.

Flash Detection — Improvements to static analysis of Flash and AS3.

Non-PE files — Improvements in the analysis for non-PE files.

Enhanced Backup and Restore features

Allows you to back up and restore your data to and from your appliance. You can also initiate an immediate back up as opposed to scheduled back up in the previous releases.

Migration Package

Migrate from Advanced Threat Defense 3.8 to 4.0 using the migration package. The migration package is equipped to help you migrate to 4.0 with ease and also ensures that all your appliance data, configurations, and certificates are backed up and restored.

MS Office 2016

Support for Microsoft Office 2016.

Windows Server 2016 64bit Standard

Support for Windows Server 2016 64bit Standard.

Telemetry changes

Telemetry is now enabled by-default. The following two checkboxes are enabled:

  • Send feedback to McAfee about system information in order to improve the product
  • Send feedback to McAfee about potential malicious files and urls