Verify blacklisted and whitelisted hash values

This URL is to check if a user submitted hash value is either blacklisted or whitelisted. Only single hash value can be verified at a time.

Resource URL

POST https://<MATD_IP>/php/atdHashLookup.php

Input parameters

Input parameter Description Data type
data Contains the following parameters defined in a json string.

md5: Any valid 32 digit hexadecimal number

Example: {'data': '{"md5":"A3CCFD0AA0B17FD23AA9FD0D84B86C05"}'}


Output parameters

Input parameter Description
results Displays input hash value and one of the below characters
  • 'w' — hash value is whitelisted.
  • 'b' — hash value is blacklisted.
  • '0' — hash value is not in the whitelist or blacklist.
  • 'Invalid input data' — invalid hash value.



An example of data json string:
  {'data': '{"md5":"A3CCFD0AA0B17FD23AA9FD0D84B86C05"}'}


{"success":true, "results":{"A3CCFD0AA0B17FD23AA9FD0D84B86C05":"w"}}