Users List

This URL displays the user profile information present on the McAfee Advanced Threat Defense.

Resource URL

GET https://<MATD_IP>/php/briefUserList.php

Input parameters

Input parameter Description
userType This is the usertype associated with a user profile. For example NSP, MWG, STAND_ALONE and so on.

Output parameters

Output parameter Description
results Contains array of json data with following parameters:
  • idx: This is the id assigned for the user profile [Unique Identifier of the user].
  • loginId: Login-id of the users.
  • userType: This is the input parameter passed.

    Example: userType=NSP.

  • fullName: Name associated with the user profile.





{"success":true,"results":[{"idx":5,"loginId":"meg","userType":"MEG","fullName":"McAfee Email Gateway "}]}


https:// <MATD_IP>/php/briefUserList.php?userType=NSP


{"success":true,"results":[{"idx":2,"loginId":"nsp","userType":"NSP","fullName":"NSP User"},{"idx":7,"loginId":"vnsp","userType":"NSP","fullName":"Virtual Network Security Platform"}]}