Get report content

Use this URL to selectively download the analysis report files.

Resource URL

GET https://<MATD_IP>/php/showreport.php

Input parameters

This URL takes iType and iTaskId or jobId or md5.

The Content-Type parameter in the HTTP header is not needed in this API. Instead specify an additional Expect: in the HTTP header.

Input parameter Description Data type
iTaskId This must be a previously returned task ID when you submitted the sample. Numeric
jobId This must be a previously returned submission ID when you submitted the sample. Numeric
iType iType can be one of the following types:
  • html — HTML report
  • txt — Text report
  • xml — XML report
  • zip — All files packaged in a single zip file
  • json — Same as xml but in the JSON format
  • ioc - Indicators of Compromise format
  • stix - Structured Threat Information expression. Stix generation is disabled, by default. Use set stixreportstatus enable to enable it.
  • pdf - Portable Document Format
  • sample - Download sample from McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

Output parameters

Content of the requested result file.





The output is the file content of the requested result file.




The output is downloaded sample associated with taskid 212.

Note: iTaskId=sample must only be used with iTaskId parameter.