Enable or disable custom behavioral rules

Enable or disable the custom behavior rule settings.

Resource URL

POST https://<MATD_IP>/php/configloader/configCreator.php

Specify these HTTP headers in the resource URL request:

  • Accept: application/vnd.ve.v1.0+json
  • VE-SDK-API: Base64 encoded "session:user id" string

Input parameters

Input key Input value Description
command customBehaviorRuleSetting The API call handles the custom YARA settings.
yaraEnable 0 Disables the custom behavior rule.
1 Enables the custom behavior rule.

Output parameters

Input key Input value Description
success true The custom behavior rule enable or disable action succeeded.

Enable custom YARA settings example


An example in Python:
postdata = {"command":"customBehaviorRuleSetting", "yaraEnable":’1’}
file_upload_req =requests.post(url,postdata,headers=headers,verify=False)
file_upload_req =requests.post(url,postdata,files=file_up,headers=headers,verify=False)


{"success": "true"}