McAfee® Active Response is an endpoint detection and response tool that finds and responds to advanced threats.

Some of the main benefits of using Active Response include:

  • Early detection of suspicious activity or indication of prior attacks
  • Quick and effective way to deal with security breaches
  • Reduce resources needed to detect risks from unknown processes running on endpoints
  • Collect information about potentially malicious processes
  • Act on shared threat intelligence with simplified workflows

With Active Response, you can take quick corrective actions to remediate a threat, and adapt protection measures against future attacks.

Active Response brings together McAfee® Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) and McAfee® Data Exchange Layer (DXL). Together they provide global threat information with locally collected, customer-specific intelligence that can be shared, allowing multiple security solutions to operate as one.

Active Response, Threat Intelligence Exchange, and Data Exchange Layer function together to narrow the gap from encounter to containment for advanced targeted attacks from days, weeks, or months down to seconds.