MVISION Insights Overview

MVISION Insights gives you the latest global intelligence on top campaigns. You can view metrics for your business sector and geo-location, prevalence data for the campaigns and threats in your organization, and use this information to take preventive action.

  1. Security Posture Score — View your current score based on these four attributes — Content, Zero-day, Configuration, and Detection prevalence.
    • Content to make sure that the AMCore Content versions are sufficient to protect against known campaigns.
    • Zero-day looks at Adaptive Threat Protection and Real Protect related configuration and content.
    • Configuration considers On Access Scan, McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, Access Protection, and Exploit Prevention.
    • Detection Prevalence denotes the presence of unresolved campaign-related events on devices. It also considers the severity of those campaigns. For example, an unresolved event originated due to a HIGH Severity campaign leads to a lower Posture Score compared to an unresolved event originated due to a LOW Severity campaign.
  2. Campaigns By Severity — View the number of campaigns detected based on the severity level of each campaign — High, Medium, Low.
  3. Campaign Detections — View the count of campaign-related detections in the last 10 days. Campaign detections occur in Insights Cloud using Campaign Intelligence from ATR/COAT for the incoming telemetry from your devices.
  4. Devices — View the number of devices in your environment that are exposed and those that have insufficient AMCore content coverage for known campaigns.
  5. Campaigns Trending Globally — View the top-three campaigns based on the devices impacted globally by them.
  6. Campaigns — Drill-down to view detailed information about specific campaigns, your environment, and Indicators of Compromise (IoCs).
  7. Threats — Drill-down to view detailed information about specific non-campaign threats and your environment.